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The White Mountain Trail System was conceived and designed as a way to increase recreational opportunities for everyone who enjoys the forest through hiking, biking, and horseback riding. With a lot of community involvement and a great effort on the part of volunteers, a series of loop trails and connectors have been constructed. They vary greatly in length and difficulty. The type of tread ranges from level to steep and rocky.

Yield IconThese trails are open to mountain bike riders, horseback riders and visitors hiking on foot. Trail users should remember to respect each person's right to be there and to follow multiple use trail etiquette: bicyclers yield to hikers and both yield to pack and saddle animals.

Trails are marked with blue diamonds, often bearing directional arrows, trail numbers, or colored dots. Yellow dots indicate a short route back to the trailhead. Green dots indicate a connector trail. Red dots indicate a side trail to a point of interest or a particularly scenic vista.

TrailmarkersThe trails frequently make use of and cross existing roads and travelways. It's very easy to miss a trailmarker and lose the trail. Expect this. If you become confused, backtrack to the point where you lost the trail. Portions of the trailsystem use forest roads. Be aware of possible vehicle traffic.

A partnership with the Forest Service, Pinetop/Lakeside TRACKS and the Arizona State Parks Heritage Trails Fund have helped build these trails. Volunteers have built the majority of the White Mountain Trail System. If you or your community service group is interested in volunteering, contact the U.S. Forest Service or Pinetop/Lakeside Parks and Recreation Department. Be sure to check with the Lakeside Ranger Station for current information on trail conditions!

For more information, please feel free to contact the USDA Forest Service, Lakeside Ranger District at 520.368.5111 or you may write us at: 2022 W. White Mtn. Blvd., Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona 85935