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White Mountain MeadowThe TRACKS organization (local hiking and trail development) has played a vital role in the development of approximately 200 miles of trails throughout the White Mountains. This volunteer organization has received statewide recognition for its leading role in implementation and construction of trails. If you wish to get involved, contact the Pinetop-Lakeside Parks and Recreation Department. Membership is yours.

forest view The Pinetop-Lakeside Town Council has made a financial commitment to the development of an Urban Trail "Master Plan" for our community. This is the first step in the creation of multi-use accessible trails for local residents and visitors. Forest and wilderness trails now exist but a need has been demonstrated for pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian trails - within the town limits - to provide safe and health conscious alternatives to vehicle traffic. The connecting routes would lead to recreational sites, shopping areas, restaurants, and schools. This process takes a great deal of time and planning to identify needs, coordinate with existing space and ownership, and other logistical considerations. However, this first step brings us closer to the realization of a system where people can walk or ride to services and attractions without the use of a car. Obviously, community input will be vital to the success of this vision and the public will be notified of opportunities to assist with this plan.

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