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Horses on the trail

Stepping into existence on a cold, snowy evening in February 1987, the new TRAILSYSTEM was born of trauma at the first meeting of what was to become the White Mountain Horseman's Association. Twenty-five horsemen from the mountain, met to commiserate on (read that as 'gripe about') the closing of an increasing number of long-time riding areas. This problem, a result of increasing population growth and uncaring developers, seemed destined to limit access to the forest for native and visitor alike. But it's not nice to mess with 'mountain folk'! Once challenged, they act: with reason, with persistence, with group effort, and above all with a true love of these magic mountains!

So it began. The long, sometimes frustrating process of growing a TRAIL-SYSTEM. Since February 1987, until now, we've kept the kid in the closet. Oh, occasionally we'd whisper its name,... 'trailsystem', but only the parents, immediate family, and a few close friends got a look at the little bugger. Now we intend to change that...we'd like you to join the TRAILSYSTEM family!